Each year Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs on Velas Beach (Maharashtra), India, and when they hatch, they are greeted by a horde of turtle enthusiasts!

The Velas Turtle Festival is an initiative by both the locals and wildlife/turtle conservationists. Visitors get to observe firsthand the journey of the baby turtles from the egg to their homes in the ocean. Groups also make sure that the eggs are not crushed by covering them with protective baskets which helps in increasing the hatch rate. Their efforts are essential as the Olive Ridley turtle is considered a vulnerable species. They also help the turtles reach the ocean as it is imperative that they get into the water as soon as possible for best chances of survival.

Where it all begins – the eggs of the Olive Ridley turtle.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Snehal Kamble)

The hatchlings finally break free from their shells and the protective basket is lifted.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Shreekumar Krishnan)

Instincts kick in and within a few minutes the tiny turtles are racing to the ocean.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Dhanashri Trimbak Lekurwale, Sudip Das, Sayali Borde Aradhye, Shreekumar Krishnan)

Hundreds of people gather around and watch in awe as the turtles move closer to their new home.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Awesome Yeh Safar, Shreekumar Krishnan, Radhesh Suresh Tornekar)

The turtles get a feel of the water before finally disappearing into the vast ocean.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Shreekumar Krishnan)


The serene Velas Beach where all the action takes place.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Awesome Yeh Safar, Vikas Kerkar, Shreekumar Krishnan, Khushal Sathawane)