Yes. Now you can actually get a degree in EDM!


Gone are the days when electronic music was produced in the basement of some isolated, dilapidated home. The explosion of the electronic dance music scene is an inescapable phenomenon. And the education industry too, is adapting to the evolving times. You can now opt for part-time as well as full-time courses to study the business of electronic music, apart from learning how to DJ and produce music.


1. The Thornton School of Music in Southern California, which is constantly re-evaluating its classes to keep abreast of the times, will offer a course this fall called ‘Electronic Dance Music’. The course will present a comprehensive look at the history and development of the genre.


2. Brown University offers a summer pre-college program on ‘Electronic Music’. The course will explore the advancements of technology that have given rise to various musical styles like techno, hip-hop, progressive rock, industrial and synthpop. Students will gain an understanding of the most influential works of electronic music with the help of guided listening, video screenings, selected readings, creative assignments and class discussions. It also includes workshop sessions where students will experiment with ideas by creating original electronic music in Brown’s Multimedia Lab!


3. The University of St. Mark & St. John in UK offers a Bachelor Degree in ‘DJ & Electronic Music Production’. The 3-year course provides an opportunity to students to explore and develop all the skills involved in creating, producing as well as performing quality contemporary electronic music. The course will cover subjects like composition, sequencing, synthesis, sound design, audio editing, mixing and mastering along with live sound and performance techniques!


4. The University of California in Santa Cruz offers an ‘Electronic Music program’ which is one of the most comprehensive undergraduate programs at any university. The two-year course demands 8 hours of studio work and 4 hours in class each week. The undergraduate program offered here is tailored to the specific needs of each student!


5. A two-year full time course in ‘Urban & Electronic Music HND’ is offered by the University of Worcester in England. The course is highly practical in nature and emphasizes on contemporary music creation, sound recording techniques and audio post-production. You will also have access to the current industry-standard resources and facilities.


So kids, pack your bags and kiss your parents goodbye, because you have a lot many more universities to choose from!