While America and Britain seem to be the dominating forces in the music festival scene, Germany’s pop culture sentiment is slowly catching up, making way for an attractive line of German music festivals.

That Germany is one of Europe’s popularly growing music festival destinations is well established. With festivals like Rock am Ring, Wacken Open Air, Melt!, Oktoberfest and Das Fest being counted on my world must-visit festivals list, it’s safe to say that Germany has been wielding the potential to be a music festival mega-host. But given how the next one month of Germany’s music calendar looks like, maybe it’s time you took that much delayed German vacation now.

The Sherp is here to tell the music lover in you how Germany would make for a great place to catch up on some music from now to September!

The Festival Lineup

From now till the end of September, Germany boasts of an interesting mix of festivals, featuring rock, electronica and independent music in equal measure. Here’s a quick lowdown of the festivals you can check out, when on your way to the country

1. Highfield

Where: Leipzig
When: August 14 to 16

This three-day festival is quite the summer addition to Europe’s already long list of summer-benefiting festivals, so if you’re around, or on your way for Germany, this will be quite the addition to your travel list. For rock and electronic music lovers, Highfield Festival features a list of impressive music acts like The Kooks, The Offspring, Flogging Molly,  Irie Révoltés, Alligatoah, Interpol and DMA’s, among others. Highfield is credited to be one of the biggest independent rock festivals across Europe, due to its affiliation with lesser known quality acts. And all this at 109 Euros, makes the festival a sweet deal.

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(Image source: Highfield Facebook)

2. Chiemsee Summer

Where: Übersee
When: August 19 to 23

Formed by fusing the Chiemsee Reggae and the Chiemsee Rock festivals, Chiemsee Summer, quite literally, brings to you the best of both the worlds over Germany’s comfortable summer month of August. With some top of the line local and international electro, reggae, hip hop and rock acts to boot, the festival is unmistakably massive and large scale.

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(Image source: Chiemsee Summer Facebook)

3. MS Dockville

Where: Hamburg
When: August 21 to 23

When it comes to THE festival for which you must make a trip to Germany happen, it’s this one, for a myriad of reasons. The festival at 60 EUR is relatively very cheap and inexpensive compared to most European festivals, making it easy to fit in with a backpacker’s budget (only last phase tickets are available at the moment which stand at a 100 EUR, still not a bad deal). Second, the festival has some incredible names on its lineup. Right from neo-psychedelic agent Caribou, to crooners José González and Tom Odell, to bands Django Django and Interpol, the festival would be the perfect vacation detour for any music lover.

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(Image source: MS Dockville Facebook)

4. Lollapalooza Berlin

Where: Berlin
When: September 12 to 13

The Sherp’s recommendation for Germany is strengthened by the fact that when one of America’s biggest festivals decided to make way to Europe, it chose Germany as its destination. Lollapalooza is a music festival that makes great contribution to pop culture, and on its premier visit to the continent across the ocean, it will be delivering its first European edition from Berlin, Germany. And the lineup, like true Lollapalooza style is top notch. With names like Muse, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Sam Smith, Fatboy Slim, Belle & Sebastian, Tame Impala and Run the Jewels, Lollapalooza Berlin is a must-do during your German vacay!

Lollapalooza_Webflyer-6thAnnouncement_violett_384x581_02(Image source: Lollapalooza Berlin Facebook)

5. Oktoberfest

Where: Munich
When: September 19 to October 4

Germany’s Oktoberfest is a mega-tourism event in itself, and very little needs to be said about it has become the most looked forward to event in the year! In what is the largest and most wonderful celebration of beer, with music and carnival fun thrown in for good measure, people from all over the world flock to Germany in participation. Oktoberfest is also one of those events that every traveler is keen to be a part of, to experience German culture up close.

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(Image source: Oktoberfest Facebook)

25 years of Berlin Wall

1990 marked an important event in Germany’s history. The infamous Berlin Wall was brought down by groups of Germans, celebrating the unification of East and West Germany. This year, marks the 25th year of that historic moment making this a better time than any to visit the country. Planned tours, art shows and music events are planned across the country through the year to celebrate that momentous occasion, and it’s a great time to understand German history from the eyes of the state.

Germany Wall Anniversary(Image source: AP Photo/ Wolfgang Rattay, pool)

The Happy Weather Season

The months of August and September are the rain and shine months of Germany with welcoming amounts of sunlight and some happy showers in tow, making it, along with the festivals a good enough time to pay the country a visit.

Art and Travel

Germany is the 7th most visited country in the world for numerous reasons, which includes the country’s affiliation with the arts, and the various historically and culturally significant aspects of the country. And Germany is also well known for being a backpacker’s delight, with various hostels and dormitories functioning to help travelers have the limited-budget experience without compromise.

(Image source: Planetware)