Do you ever feel like a misunderstood music genre? Well, you better relate with me on this!

Screamo or skramz is probably one of the most misunderstood genres in the world. And no, it’s not just screaming, please. Exactly like our souls.


Screamo….okay, I’m not buying that

Screamo is a subgenre of emo which incorporates hardcore punk and scream vocals. People used to think, and some still think, that screamo is just an emo song with a scream, but there’s a lot more to it. Today, some bands are incorporating more punk than screamo, but there are many modern screamo bands who are taking the genre to the spotlight!

It All Started When..

In the early 1990s in San Diego, this genre began as a genre to channelise the intensity of emotions about romantic interest, betrayal, politics, human rights, etc into the lyrics and music. It has a stronger influence than hardcore punk-rock and uses a lot of scream vocals. Screamo was pioneered by the band Heroin. Some other early bands would be Pg. 99, Saetia and Hot Cross. 

The More You Know..

The term “screamo” is complicated in usage and many bands object to the usage of the term, and like it to be compartmentalised as “punk”. The vocal style is not clearly defined and as a result, guttural sounds can be regarded as screamo too. The genre uses typical rock instrumentation, but it is characterised by its brief compositions, harmonised guitars, chaotic sounds and screams.

Some screamo music features melodic guitar lines put into a song and often features dynamic shifts that go from soft to loud to aggressive to calm. A lot of emo bands sing ballads too.



Several styles of screamo include emoviolence, which combines screamo with powerviolence; crunkcore – a style of crunk employing the vocal technique of screamo and others. Emoviolence practitioners include Pg. 99, Reversal of Man, Agna Moraine, and In/Humanity. The music is highly dissonant and chaotic, with fast tempos and shouting.

Many groups incorporate grindcore, post-rock to their music and the overall infusion is harmonised. Pianos Become the Teeth, City of Caterpillar, and Funeral Diner are examples of post-rock influenced screamo acts.

Check out most of the screamo acts hereHappy screamo to you!