Ja Rule and McFarland continue to make headlines!

Things just keep getting worse for the organizers of the disastrous Fyre Festival. The festival clearly did not deliver on its promise of luxury, causing mass chaos instead. The previous week, festival goers filed three class action lawsuits against the “luxury” music festival, with the first backed by celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos. The two new lawsuits are filed on behalf of a New Jersey festival goer and an event management company.

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On Thursday, National Event Services sued Fyre Media in Philadelphia federal court. The Pennsylvania-based company, which provides staffing and logistics for various types of big events, is alleging breach of contract, fraud, and negligence. They are looking for $250,000 in damages. It’s also asking the court to award punitive damages.

National Event Services claims that when its personnel arrived at Great Exuma Island, the living conditions were below par. The lawsuit states that,“When NES arrived on the Island, on or around April 26, 2017, it immediately discovered that the accommodations were uninhabitable, including bug infestation, bloodstained mattresses, and no air conditioning”  

A contract filed as an exhibit in the case shows NES was hired to provide medical services at Fyre. The Lawsuit also claims that the Festival organizers “failed and/or refused” to buy cancellation insurance. According to the complaint, festival organizers didn’t tell NES about any potential problems until the company’s employees landed at the festival location.

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Fyre ticket purchaser Andrew Petrozziello also sued Ja Rule and McFarland in New Jersey federal court. The lawsuit alleges violations of the state consumer fraud act and breach of contract. According to the complaint, Petrozziello spent thousands on his ticket and travel arrangements and was forced to pay hundreds for his own lodging in Miami after the event was canceled. The suit asks for punitive damages, plus interest, and more.