The Indian capital of psytrance seems to be in trouble.

Kasol, a quaint village in Himachal Pradesh, is everyone’s first choice for a chill and authentic psytrance festival. The breathtaking landscapes, beautiful mountains and clear atmosphere is the perfect festival destination. Plus, the festivals here attract some really great artists, local as well as international.

But music festivals in Kasol seem to be in trouble. Local authorities have become quiet strict with allocating permissions, an issue that led Peaking Parvati, a well known psytrance festival being cancelled this year. The festival was supposed to be held from May 27-30, but unfortunately was cancelled at the last moment due to the denial permission to play loud music.



Though the last minute cancellation proved to be extremely troublesome for the artists and festival attendees who had come to Kasol from all over, organizers had to cancel the festival to ensure safety.

Kasol is known to hold other massive psytrance music festivals such as Kundalini Shakti, Space Trip, Electric Mahadeva and Magica Festival. Do you think the stricter regulations will affect these festivals as well? Let us know in the comments!