The Sherp got some of the most familiar faces at Weekender to talk about their maddest/strangest/weirdest/funniest experiences at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender over the years

Four years is a long time to make great memories. And the Bacardi NH7 Weekender festival has given one too many to almost every person that has come over to the music mecca since 2010. The Sherp caught up with a few Weekender Veterans — musicians and shutterbugs that are regulars at the festival — and got them talking about their most memorable moments from the music gala.


‘Broke a bed at the after-party in the hotel’
Ankur Tewari, singer-songwriter

“I remember breaking a bed while jumping on it at an after party in the hotel. The broken bed was a tough thing to explain to the hotel staff the next morning while I was checking out.”

Ankur Tewari_MTS Other Stage
(Image Courtesy: Shalaka Pai)

‘I did eight performances in three days of the fest’
Siddharth Basrur, singer-songwriter and vocalist, Goddess Gagged

“Well, last year at Pune, I was just all over the place; did a total of eight performance over a span of three days at the fest. Not weird, funny or strange, but that’s something.”

siddharth basrur


‘Bumped into my neighbour after a year at the fest’
Chirayu Vedekar, bassist, Zedde and Vasuda Sharma Band

“We (Vasuda Sharma Band) played the first day, first show at the Pune 2012 edition. While performing, I heard someone repeatedly call out my name, somewhere from one of the front rows. I noticed a familiar face. When we finished our set and I got off stage, turned out it was my neighbour from back home in Mumbai, who I hadn’t seen in over a year!”

chirayu vedekar


‘The entire metal community was on stage together. Best ever’
Roycin D’Souza, photographer

“When Scribe/BM was on stage at the 2010 edition, the entire metal community was on stage with them. All other bands, Infernal Wrath, Demonic Resurrection, Khiladi, and Undying Inc. Best ever.”

roycin dsouza

scribe 2010low     scribelow2

‘NH7 All Stars was a fantasy world’
Rohit ‘P-Man’ Pereira, bassist, Shaa’ir + Func

“I think the best NH7 experience for me was playing with the NH7 All Stars in 2012. Being on stage with all those musicians was like something out of a fantasy world for me.”

PS: The ever entertaining P-Man was also seen in his element at the debut edition in 2010, posing in his boxers. Salute! Not to mention his awesome Koffee With Karan spoof act

(Image Courtesy: Kunal Kakodkar)

p man coffee with karan
(Image Courtesy: Kunal Kakodkar)


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