The Brown family’s “overgrown” bash, which started in 2005 on a humble farm, has turned into an impressive festival that witnesses thousands of attendees. Ahead of this year’s edition, which kicks off this weekend, here are 7 things you need to know about this awesome little DIY festival

1. It has grown massively in less than one decade

The very first edition saw only 100 attendees, and the festival ‘venue’ was as minimalist as it can get – with one trailer-cum-stage, 10 straw bales and 2 BBQs. Now, it receives over 2,000 attendees and hosts multiple stages.


2. It has a stage up among the trees

A cosy space for showcasing rising DJs and bands, the Treehouse stage is a unique platform hand built into two oak trees in the farm. Nestled up in the trees, the stage is a big highlight at the festival.

brown tree

 3. And it has a sensational piano bar

The 2012 edition of the festival introduced the Piano Bar, where attendees could relax and listen to, or even play, one of the many pianos there. Last year, there was even a burlesque performance at the makeshift watering hole.

brown piano

burlesque show 2013
4. Not to mention a country-style hand-built saloon

Last year, the organisers upped the overall country vibe at the festival by building a saloon from scratch. And what are the things that you might find inside it, besides the bourbon and the beer, of course? Lots of live country music and dancing, fellas! What’s not to love?

brown saloon

Watch the video of its making below:

5. Families are most welcome

The organisers ensure that there are plenty of activities for families to indulge in. Hence, every year, the festival pulls in an impressive number of kids, often seeing bobbing their heads to the music while riding on their papas’ backs.



 6. The beef burgers at the festival are as fresh as it can get

The succulent meat patties that come in the lip-smacking burgers that you get at the festival come from beef reared on the farm. Need we say more?

brown beef burger

7. It hosts some mean country games, too

From welly wanging to tug of wars, Brownstock has all the right farm games for you and your buddies to indulge in.

brown welly wanging



(All images courtesy: Brownstock Festival Facebook)