By now, you probably know how to vape, but you certainly do not know how to clean it and ensure hygiene. So, follow the guide to understand how to clean your vaporizer.

Rinse Your Vape Device Frequently

If you are someone who vapes regularly, then deep cleaning isn’t required. You can stick to frequently washing it, and that is all it needs. Frequent or regular rinsing is recommended to ensure hygiene and sanitation, but if you are too aesthetic about trying out different flavors, frequent rinsing after each use is essential. Otherwise, both the flavors might end up blending with each other and affect your vaping experience. However, if you use the Puffco Peak Enail, it might not be necessary to wash regularly.

How To Rinse Your Vape Device In The Right Way?

Even if you wash your vape device regularly, but in the wrong way, then you are hardly deriving any use from it. To get the best out of your vape device, make sure you clean it by following the steps below.

  1. Fill Your Bowl With Warm Water – In the beginning, fill the bowl with lukewarm water and remove the chamber from the vape box.
  2. Disassemble the Parts Of Vaping Device – Once you have removed the vape box, it is time to disassemble all the parts of the vape device. The vape liquids might get accumulated in the nooks and corners of the vape device, so if you do not disassemble them, it might not get cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Soak it for some time in Universal Solvent – It is important to keep the parts of the vape device submerged in the warm water as it is a universal solvent. Keeping it like this for a couple of hours will help to soften the accumulated substances, and makes cleaning it a lot easier. After this, go ahead, and give it a gentle splash of biodegradable dish soap to remove the stains.
  4. Dab and Dry After Removing From The Water – When you remove the vape device from the water, it is time that you must dab each of them with a clean paper towel and let them dry in the air.
  5. Wipe Well – Once the vape device has dried completely, you must wipe them very well with a clean muslin cloth to ensure that there is no water or liquid residue left.
  6. Assemble The Parts – Now that you have followed all the steps and cleaned your vape device, it is time to assemble all the parts of the vape device accordingly.

How To Deep Clean Your Vape Device?

If you are a frequent vaper, no matter how great a vapor shop you avail of, once in a while, deep-cleaning it is very important. If your vape device has not been cleaned for a long time, then you might get an uncommon taste of the vape liquid. But nothing is wrong with your vaping device or vape liquid, and all your vaping device needs are deep cleaning.

  1. Use a Strong and Clean Spirit – It is important to use a liquid, absolutely clear and robust, like vodka. The highly concentrated juice helps to withdraw the residue and grease from the vape device. Though it might not be as strong as the rubbing alcohol, it is capable of taking off the tough residue from the surface of the vape device.
  2. Scrub the Trouble Spots – If there are many areas in the vape device that have resulted in strong spots, then scrub them gently to remove the stains.
  3. Soak in Alcohol – Once you are done with scrubbing it absolutely, then let it soak in alcohol so that even if any germs have accumulated over time, it will also get sterilized.
  4. Air Dry Everything – Let the parts of the vaping device dry under the air. If you close it while it is still wet, then it might get affected by the microbes, making it unhygienic for you to vape.
  5. Wipe with a Clean Cloth – After the parts of the vape device have dried thoroughly, it is now time for you to wipe these parts with a clean cloth.
  6. Reassemble every part – The last step is to reassemble everything that was disassembled in the first place. Now, it is ready to vape!