“We would like to dedicate this song, to the legend and all-round incredible human being – Dave Grohl.”

As we all know, the Foo Fighters couldn’t make it to their headlining gig at Glastonbury this year because of a leg fracture Dave Grohl sustained (during a gig) a few weeks earlier, which bummed out the band more than it did its fans.

They was much speculation about who would fill in the much coveted headlining spot, until the incredible Florence + The Machine was announced.

During their set last night Florence Welch, the vocalist of the band, took to the mic to honour and dedicate their version of “Times like these” to the Foo Fighters – a cover which was absolutely glorious.

“We would like to dedicate this next song, to the legend and all-round incredible human being, Dave Grohl. He was so incredibly kind and supportive to us when we were first starting out and we were so sad to hear he broke his leg because we love him so much. And Dave if you are listening..we love you, we all love you! And we hope through the Glastonbury ley lines this gets to you and you feel better…we’re sending you so much love. This one’s for you Dave.”

Listen to the soulful masterpiece below: