Made By Oomph gives us some hilarious statistics that you need to see.

It’s a heavy festival season this year all over the globe and they’re at an all time high in the UK and US where the summer is just taking off. But all over the world, people usually bind over the certain quirks that their fellow festival attendees seem to possess.

Made By Oomph is a company that takes personalisation to the next level when it comes to plastic cards which range from RFID cards which make the festivals more convenient to hotel key cards, gift cards and more. They’ve done some in-depth research and have taken everyone’s opinion on which festival attendee habits are just unforgivable.

This survey saw 1,000 people answering the golden question about which of the festival goers habits are just not your cup of tea. You can read their entire article here or see the final results below:


Infographic courtesy: Made by Oomph