India is home to some games associated with festivals celebrated in different parts of the country. Take a look at these festivals and games linked to them.

India has a rather significant history. Every state of this nation has so many different cultures and customs. There are a variety of popular games that have originated in India itself. Many traditional games from the lot have also been highlighted on international tournaments. Some of these games are related to the different festivals celebrated in various parts of the country. Here at FestivalSherpa we will take a look at some of these games played during the festivals.

Kite flying

Kite flying is an art and game in India that draws all ages. Makar Sankranti is a culturally important festival for Indians and is celebrated with much fanfare. According to reality, the sun is the cause for this celebration. Hence it falls on almost the same day each year. At first, only members of the ruling classes could fly kites. But then as time passed this game became famous all over the country. Nowadays, it is also recognised as a kite-flying day.

The game’s fundamental goal is to see how long you can hold your kite in the atmosphere.

On January 14th and 15th, Gujarat conducts a global kite festival. There are millions of people who come to take part in this event each year.


Jallikattu is a popular bull-taming sport. In Tamil Nadu, one of the ways to celebrate Pongal is by playing this game. Jalli means silver or gold coins and kattu implies tied to.

This is a game that is nearly 2,500 years old. This tradition is significant in the culture of Tamil Nadu. Every year this game is conducted on the 3rd day of Pongal. Jallikattu is an integral part of the history of Tamilians and their pride. The coins are bound or tied on the bulls’ horns. The winner is the person who tames the bull successfully.


The game is also widely recognised as boat racing. It is the most celebrated traditional sport in Kerala and encourages positive teamwork and spirit. All of the rowers would have to work together to keep the boat steady. This sport takes place during the Onam festival and is conducted in Kerala’s backwaters. People implemented such boats at the beginning of the 14th century. They are roughly 120 foot long. These boats can also carry equipment of war as it can handle heavyweights.


Dhopkhel is a game of ball with 11 players divided into two teams. This is a very popular game in Assam. This game is believed to affect the growth of the economy of Assam.

This game includes endurance, speed and high-level thinking. This game is in seasonal form. The spring festival or Rangoli Bihu festival is the time when this game is played particularly. 

There are many board, and card games played during Diwali. Many of them may involve betting and use of real money. Here is a list of games that are played to celebrate the Diwali festival.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti also plays an important role in Diwali. It is a game which is synonymous with Diwali states casino market in their Teen Patti guide. The game is played among four players to seven players. The order of the cards starts with the Ace being the highest and 2 being the lowest. The cards are dealt till every player has three cards. Players have the choice to play the game ‘seen’ or ‘blind’. If anyone decides to surrender or fold, it implies he cannot win. Many that keep playing can opt to raise their stakes. This game goes on till there are only two players left, and the player with the better hand wins.

This game is also getting recognition in the online casino market recently. Many online casinos are providing Teen Patti on their platforms for people to play and enjoy. You can even play the game online for real cash at reputed platforms.


Poker is the most popular game that is played during Diwali. Poker has become one of the most famous card games. It takes intellect, bluffing, clever betting strategies and luck, of course, to play this game. Poker has been considered a skill set and is provided by many online and live casino websites.


Bluff is about deception and lying, but all is in good fun. In this game, the player needs to show his card or bluff. If your opponent guesses your card accurately, you forfeit your turn, and as punishment, you have to take everything on the table.


Everyone is familiar with Rummy. It needs no introduction. There are many variations of this game. Besides, Rummy is simple and enjoyable for people of all ages. The rules of the game are easy to comprehend, particularly for newcomers. You do not have to be a specialist to enjoy the game. The players receive 13 cards each. They have to attempt to form different sequences with the cards remaining. The first player to make those sequences involving all the cards is the winner.


Blackjack is one of the most prevalent card games out there. This wasn’t earlier included in the Diwali games list. But since the game received worldwide recognition and people in India learned about it, it has become a part of this festival. The thrill and excitement of this game are what makes it a fan favourite. This game has no limitations. There is a dealer and players. The players compete with the dealer to win this game.

Wrapping up

Most people don’t understand all of the wonders that India has to offer. Several famous games come from India all alone. As per global trends, today’s generation likes to sit at home and watch TV rather than play like people earlier. But these games are an integral part of the culture and tradition of India. Without these celebrations of festivals would seem to be incomplete.