What just happened there?!

Have you even been in a situation where your friend attended a festival and told you about a guy who tripped on his own two feet and the girl who grabbed your friend and cried about her dog that died four years ago? We have and it sucks. You wanna experience the same kind of craziness that they do! You laugh and laugh until you can’t breathe anymore. So for all you people out there who get pleasure from watching other people make a fool of themselves, keep watching.

1. Flying High

You feel so extremely good to be surrounded by energetic people. But some of them will want to do something crazy together and nothing is crazier than a drunk guy with a group of other drunk guys.

2. When Will The Bass Drop?

The best part about EDM artists is the bass drop. It highlights the moment of the song where time stops for just a moment before it turns to utter mayhem. But what if it doesn’t?

3. Just Surfing Around

Crowd surfing is a fun activity that usually all fans do at any concert. This girl however takes the cake and goes for a boat ride. However, it looks like the waves are crashing a bit too hard around this one.

4. Parent Talk

Festivals should be attended with close friends who know how to have a good time and can also be responsible enough to take you home. They need to be mature and have no sense of embarrassment. That’s why you should go with you dad.

5. Let Your Guard Down

Many people are hesitant to let lose at a festival because of so many dangers lurking around. But why worry when you have the best security guards who also like to get down with fellow ravers. Safety comes next to fun.

6. Dance With Yourself When Others Won’t

People say that you should dance like no one’s watching and that’s exactly what this man does. Besides the fact that he literally can’t see anyone (or himself) he manages to do a pretty good job all alone.

7. Boyfriend FOMO

When you go all out with your girls it’s obvious that you’ll miss your significant other. They can be real, imaginary, fictional and more but the ache in your heart will lead you to such rash choices if you aren’t careful.

8. Mid Air Panic

Festivals aren’t just about music. You can enjoy the food, stalls and rides. This jumbo ride takes way up to have a bird’s eye view of the amazing venue. But when fear starts sinking in, you have to patient till you get down. P.S: Watch it till the end, that’s where the fun part is.

9. It’s News Worthy

News and entertainment channels cover festivals as soon as something good is to be reported to the public. That means hundreds of people will be watching an event you are a part of! So make the best of the situation and grab some attention for yourself.

10. Be The Life Of The Party

You can’t go to a festival and not dance. There is a whole lot of dancing involved and what other way to do it than to start a dance party. People need motivation to get up and shake it off and you can do it for them. This is the only win you want to have at any festival you go to.

So the next time you come across such situations, remember to get your video camera on and spread the love!