This year, The Bloc Festival wants you to look like Richie Hawtin, in all his minimalist glory.

The Bloc Festival is known for their annual tradition of picking some of the most ridiculous fancy dress themes. This year organizers asked fans to suggest a theme on their Facebook page with the winner decided through likes. The winner was Richie Hawtin with 130 likes which was more than other suggested themes such as The Warriors, Twin Peaks and Four Decades of Ian Beale.


“The fancy dress competition has yielded a clear winner – we are overjoyed to be celebrating the innovative genius of Richie Hawtin,” Bloc said on Facebook. “It’s difficult to express how much joy R Hawtin has provided us with through the years, but we hope that celebrating his work through the medium of interpretative dress will go some way towards it.”


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Richie Hawtin’s fashion has always been a topic of interest but never at this scale. It’ll be interesting to witness a sea of lookalikes of the veteran DJ probably in his iconic black T-Shirt and blonde hair, but there’s over 30 years of fashion statements to pick from, so fans might just get creative.The Bloc festival is scheduled to take place from March 11 – 13 in Minehead, UK.