The Dance For Peace Festival, now in its 13th edition, proves why love and peace will always triumph.

Flashback to November 8th, 2002, Bali was facing its most testing time in its history. A tragic bombing incident had taken the lives of 202 individuals, while injuring over 200 people and leaving the entire island devastated. The tragedy left the people traumatized, and while many would respond with an equally devastating measure, Bali decided to respond in a way that would shock and inspire the world for years to come – they created the Dance For Peace Festival.

The Dance For Peace Festival was set up in 2002, three weeks after mourning the tragic bombing incident that shook it. The festival was born at a time when the people needed inspiration, love and meaning more than ever, and that’s what the festival did at that time and in the years to come. Dance For Peace Festival is now in its 13th edition and will take place in Bali from September 21-24, this year. The festival is predominately psychedelic and electronic music centric, and is held annually in Indonesia and Japan and aims at inspiring communities to come together, to celebrate peace, love, life, art and music.

The festival will take place in the picturesque setting of Tabanan and will create a frolic atmosphere with non-stop psychedelic trance/electronic music, yoga sessions, knowledge and wisdom sharing workshops, sacred fire, healthy food and beverages, kiddy space, tea ceremony, camping under the stars and much more.

Dance For Peace Festival is a non-profit festival organisation that aims at aiding and improving lives and society. Their previous events have benefited the preservation of the environment within Nusa Lembongan, Bali and have also assisted in the partial funding of a new extension building at Yayasan Nuri, Bali which undertakes the care of drug addicts in the greater Denpasar, Bali. This year, the festival will fund the projects within the festival region to help improve the lives of the less fortunate.

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