To legalize blazing up in public is a big thing for any government, and this calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what the first-ever National Cannabis Festival in Washington D. C. is about!

It all started last February when a bunch of enthusiasts envisioned a festival to promote weed legalization, focusing on policies rather than recreational use. Almost a year after weed was legalized in Washington D. C., the National Cannabis Festival plan came into fruition.


(Courtesy: The Stoner’s Cookbook)

The music lineup will feature legendary hip-hop act De La Soul, among other acts like Jesse Royal, Congo Sanchez, Backyard Band and Nappy Riddem.



Among the other things planned for this April-bound festival are an educational pavilion, and various fairs dedicated to advocacy and vendors. Partnering with around 20 advocacy groups, the National Cannabis Festival will celebrate the lax on cannabis bans.

Via Washington Post, the organizer Caroline Phillips stressed on the factor of affordability. Also, for those hoping to light up at this festival, there’s bad news; being in full compliance with D. C. law, nobody’s allowed to smoke weed inside the festival, making it strictly a festival to celebrate marijuana legalization.

National Cannabis Festival will happen on April 23, at RFK Stadium!