It looks like the Norwegian live dance music scene is pretty much obsolete. 

There are festivals that face overcrowding issues and then there’s this Norwegian festival that expected a turnout of 3,000, only to open gates to a mere 250 attendees. Watch the video below.

Summer Fade music festival, with heavyweight headliners such as Dannic, Sick Individuals, John Dahlback, and more, didn’t go quite as planned. This was the perfect example of how much dedication must be put into mass advertising of music festivals. Or perhaps this is just a testament of how the electronic dance music scene in Norway is decadent.

What the organizers first estimated as 2-3,000 attendees was later dropped to a modest 1,500. However, on Day 1 of the festival, 250 merry festival goers showed up, and without the hassle of usually overpopulated festivals, enjoyed an intimate festival with incredible headliners.

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The EDM influence in Norway hasn’t been in the limelight so much before, but we reckon it will be now. Here’s to hoping today, the second day of the festival goes smoothly and more attendees show up (for the sake of the organizers). Stay put for more news.