Deadmau5 officially has the best fans in the industry!

Deadmau5’s much awaited 8th studio album ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ is slated to release on December 2nd this year. The celebrated artist has one of the most loyal fan bases in the industry right now and they’ve just proved why. Given the hype surrounding the latest work of the producer/artist, anticipations and expectations are running at an all time high. Zimmerman’s loyal Reddit community have dug through his old streaming archives and somehow managed to get their hands on the album tracklist.

A user named Melbourne Mau5 has undertaken the pain to assemble all the leaked tracks into one smooth flowing playlist, which is pretty much similar to the what the whole album might sound like.

While some of the tracks are available in full form, others due to missing parts are quite rough and jagged, yet the effort is extremely commendable! For anyone who can’t control themselves anymore and HAVE TO listen to what ‘W:/2016ALBUM’ will sound like, here are all the tracks so far!



“Cat Thruster” 


“Imaginary Friends”

“Let Go”

“Deus Ex Machina”

“No Problem”


“Three Pound Chicken Wing”

“Whelk Then”

That’s some A-level dedication right there. Deadmau5 should probably consider himself lucky for having such loyal fans!