Boston Police takes steps to beef up security following last year’s bomb blasts after the Boston Marathon.
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The Boston Calling Music Festival takes place this September (5-6-7) & the Boston PD are doing their absolute best to study festival goers and avert a possible terrorist attack – situation. Using a new technology developed by IBM, the police are monitoring each and very face that enters the festival.

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It used security cameras to identify distinct features on humans, such as baldness, eyeglasses, skin tone, torso texture, and beards. Then, the Boston Police department and the IBM staff were able to monitor the event live, while looking for keywords on social media.

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The Boston Marathon bombings claimed 3 casualties and more than 200 injuries, and Boston PD plan not to take anything lightly this year, but the initiative has received a lot of complaints claiming that it’s an extreme intrusion into their own privacy, saying that the festival itself did not have any bomb related incidents.

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