Like all good things, even Glastonbury had to come to an end, but worry not! We have all the best pictures to keep the spirit alive just a bit longer!

Despite having a rough start riddled with traffic jams and muddy fields, Glastonbury 2016 once again managed to pull off an incredible event. The lineup, the food, the art and of course the rains, without which arguably a Glastonbury Festival experience would be incomplete, were all pretty much as perfect as could be. Don’t believe us? Well we have the pictures to prove it.

1. Despite the rains, Glastonbury managed to look bright and happy!




2. Adele, Muse and Coldplay were among the highlights of the festival.


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3. Besides the music, there were several other activities and areas to keep festival goers entertained.


4. Fresh produce straight from the Glastonbury farms!



5. Glastonbury looks stunning in the night; and look at those lights and fireworks!



6. The amazing Ziggy Stardust tribute art!





7. What a massive gathering!


8. Revellers toughing it out and even enjoying in the rain.


9. Interesting outfits.


10. The Arcadia Spectacular Stage was a sight to behold as always.


All Images Courtesy : Facebook/Glastonbury Festival (Unless Otherwise Mentioned)