This film festival will take you back decades, and show you how animation evolved in the country.

In the early 1910s, Dadasaheb Phalke created a small stop-motion animation film, capturing the growth of a plant. While the art got lost from mainstream cinema, it has been brought back in the last couple of decades. There were also a number of films made around the 70s and 80s, contemporary to even Walt Disney, that haven’t been viewed by mass audiences. Sequences hopes to construct a narrative of Indian animation by actually showing these films to audiences! The festival will be held on December 18-20 at the Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi in New Delhi!


While international animation films do extremely well in India, organisations like Films Division of India and Children’s Film Society India have promoted the production and exhibition of social, political, experimental as well as purely story driven animations that are uniquely Indian in their aesthetic. With publications, exhibits, talks, and of course film screenings, the festival will trace the 100-year-old lineage of Indian animation. So make sure you don’t miss it!