EyeMyth redefines the experience people have at music festivals and museums, by curating an immersive experience through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at the helm of its technology.

With the increasing demand and exciting developments in the field of VR and AR making its way into festivals all over the world, EyeMyth is an immersive media arts festival that aims at introducing Indian audiences to a whole new dimension of experiencing media and arts through the incorporation of cutting-edge visual and audio technologies. 

Credits: facebook.com/Eyemythfestival

EyeMyth started off in the Indian digital sub-culture scene in 2011, where it started as a celebration of ‘visual music’ at the UnBox Festival in New Delhi, and has now become a full fledged media arts festival by itself. Presented by UnBox, Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) and Red Bull Music Academy, the festival takes place in Lower Parel, Mumbai between August 16-20, 2017.

EyeMyth aims at placing attendants at the centre of a film, audio-visual performances or an art installation, enabling them to understand the extent to which these technologies can breathe life into artworks. The entire festival roster is as mentioned below:

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