The Dim Mak General–In–Command is back in India to ‘enchant’ you!

Steve Aoki is all set to blow the roof again in Mumbai, as he’s slated to play at the much awaited Enchanted Valley Carnival Launch Party this November.

The Dim Mak front-man is arguably one of the most recognized names in the dance music industry today, and coupled with his incredibly viral social media antics, just proves that he’s quite an entertainer. There isn’t a name in the industry that Aoki hasn’t collaborated with. Through relentless touring he has gained huge support from colleges. Performing an average of 250 shows a year, he has recently started touring with production via bus tours like the spring 2012 Deadmeat Tour – he headlined over 55 cities in 60 dates across the United States and Canada.

This will be the second time he will be touring India – this time, as the headlining act of the EVC Launch Party.


When: Saturday – November 30

Where: S.V.P. Stadium, National Sports Club Of India, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

You can buy your passes here:


Mumbai, are you ready to get caked?