Fancy listening to what Mother Earth has to say to you? Then this is your destination!

If you’re a nature lover, there must have been a moment in your life when you must have taken a walk in the woods and marvelled at how quaint and serene it is!  The forest is complete with sounds and peace that is parallel to none. So some students in Estonia had the brilliant idea of constructing huge megaphones and placing them in between the woods. These megaphones will act as a comfort spot for nature lovers to sit and take in the glory of what the forests have to speak!

Credits: Tonu Tunnel

Student Birgit Oigus designed the art piece as a part of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Hannes Praks, who leads the Interior Architecture Department, says, “The three-meter diameter megaphones will operate as a ‘bandstand’ for the forest around the installation, amplifying the sounds of nature.”

People who venture into the megaphones are going to be treated to a one-of-a-kind audio experience. The wooden structures also play the role of being sustainable and environmental friendly. Over time, the structures are just going to be devoured by the forest, so no pollution woes for anyone. 

Credits: Tonu Tunnel

If the curiosity of what sitting inside the megaphones is going be like, then you should probably book your flight to Estonia ASAP!