Could this invention prevent the excessive use of cell phones at a music festival?  

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Are you fed up of seeing a thousand cell phone screens light up in your face in the midst of a spectacular live performance? The smartphone is everywhere, and it’s latched on to our lives like glue. As you walk down the street, wait for your railway station to arrive or even when you need some entertainment in the john – it’s hard to lose eye contact with your smartphone. Killing time is the primary purpose it serves but times have changed and the need to stare at the screen of your handheld is becoming an involuntary action. There are some moments meant to be savored in our minds rather than a memory card, and Yondr is here to make sure this happens.

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Capturing ‘the moment’ is something we witness at most musical gatherings. We’ve all experienced it before, and now it just seems like part of the concert experience. It’s not just fellow concert goers that are getting annoyed by it, though, as musicians are also beginning to show their distaste for documenting rather than experiencing. Yondr is a new phone case that makes your phone inaccessible as you enter a designated ‘no phone zone’ at a festival/concert.

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The plan is to deploy these cases to all festival goers at the gates itself and allot a phone free zone, within which, the phone will automatically lock. Having already been tested in a couple of Bay-area music venues, Yondr is a case that locks phones away for the sole purpose of a phone free experience. From the Yondr website:

“Once they enter the phone-free zone, the cases will lock. While all customers will maintain possession of their phones, they are now free to enjoy the experience without distraction. If at any point they need to use their phones, they can step outside of the Yondr phone-free zone to unlock it.”

As good as this sounds, it may not be a very realistic concept to deploy at festivals of a larger scale. The guys at Yondr may also have to deal with a truckload of back end issues which will most definitely prove to be trouble some initially. Know the complete story about this new technology HERE.

Yay or Nay?

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