Music is a universal language and Enchanted Valley Carnival is ready to show just that.

India is a land of different cultures, religions, food and much more. So it’s obvious that there will be a diversity even when it comes to music. Indian music has so many various styles in itself that it is hard to find a space to fit everyone’s liking. However, Enchanted Valley Carnival is changing the game.

Around this time of the year, there is a boost in the number of festivals that play in the country, mostly catered to EDM which has a huge following here. Besides that, you get your standard rock, pop and soul music performances once or twice. But the artist line-up for the festival taking place at the scenic Aambey Valley City on the 17th and 18 of December is offering an experience filled with music from different genres, all at one place.


The headliners for the festival are the main indication of the adopted diversity in music. Farhan Akhtar will bring along his rock tunes with his band Farhan Live! while Arijit Singh and his soulful voice will have the support of a 37 piece symphony orchestra. Both are at the top of their game when it comes to the music industry in the country, but their background is as far apart as the poles on this planet.

Alan Walker, record producer, DJ and the man behind the worldwide hit “Faded” will be playing his tunes at one of the five stages at the festival with Flo Rida bringing his rapping skills to get the crowd hyped with smash hits like “Low” and “GDFR”. It’s the perfect mix of major international artists for the festival and a perfect platform for both their debut performances in the country.

Apart from them, other artists include a mix of various genres of dance music from house to electro between many artists like Badshah, Lost Stories, Jeremy Olander, Ami Mishra, Arjun Kanungo, Shirley Setia, Ankur Sood, Audio Glitch, Blank, Qwiver, MOJOJOJO, SEQU3L, Knoxx, Arty, Hot Since 82, Alpha x Omega and more. Bollywood music isn’t forgotten but being revived with Rishi Rich & Juggy D playing tracks which will transport you to the early 2000s of India with the hip-hip/bhangra mixture that will keep you dancing all night.

Another interesting aspect of the festival is that there will also be jam sessions held at the grounds of the venue, which will not only help create better communication between aspiring artists but also give them the chance to get exposed to the possibility of combining different genres into their own style of work.

This is not only a clever strategy for the festival organisers but also a beneficial one as it will only help them in making a path for the festival to get better every year after analysing the hits and misses. But this time, there are only hits after hits with this festival. We can’t wait! Hope you’re joining us there too. If not, get your tickets here ASAP!