So what if the real Ellen Degeneres couldn’t make it to Bonnaroo? These totem-holding fans will totes make up for that. 

This weekend saw one of the most spectacular editions of Bonnaroo Music & Arts festival yet, but unfortunately, the beloved talk show host Ellen Degeneres could not make it for the festivities. But in the words of Harry Potter, “He’ll never be gone! Not as long as those who remain are loyal to him.” Well, less dramatic than that, but you get the drift.

A surprising number of totems with Ellen’s sparkly-white toothed smiling face plastered on them bobbed around the arena at Bonnaroo this weekend. It was heartwarming to see so many Ellen fans making their presence felt, we’re sure.

Thanks to everyone who brought me to Bonnaroo this year. #EllenAtBonnaroo

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Way to make a statement, folks! This was just another thing that made Bonnaroo 2015 uber-awesome. Check out eight more awesome things about Bonnaroo here and some other Ellens seen at Bonnaroo below.

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