Come this Monday, the city of Toronto will be taking a day off and will be engaging in their own planned Civic Day activities. But while the rest of the city takes a break, a few thousand will be headed to Hanlan’s Point on Toronto Island to see the return of Electric Island and the artists it brings. And what better way to get you warmed up than a curated set from the Sherp. With a lineup this stellar, we’ve put together a few tracks that we believe you should absolutely check out to truly know your artists and get a true feel of their sound.


Art Department

Art Department’s track ‘Touch You Gently’ incorporates some of the elements you would expect from an Art Department set. This track creeps up slowly with it’s relaxed beat, and a bass line that is taking it’s time in getting to you. It’s one of those tracks that put you in a state of trance (no Trance puns allowed), and you find your body slowly moving in a similar direction to the ocean of crowd you’re surrounded in.


Green Velvet

With a sly smirk on our face, the track that we use to showcase Green Velvet’s work is more of an anthem in the dark deep basements of nightclubs that play techno. ‘Bigger Than Prince’ is a track that has gained recognition and stemmed remixes all over, and we see reason why. This track has a certain eerie vibe to it that has you repeating the lyrics of the song over and over again, “Walk around like you’re bigger than Prince”.


Robert Babicz

A lot of words and thoughts come to my mind when we think of Robert Babicz’s ‘Come Closer’. For one, it’s a personal favourite. But with my personal bias out of the way, it is still one heck of a stellar track. The 808’s, the breaks and the melody all work beautifully together to bring out this well mastered track that seems to hide some inner meaning to it. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this.


Shiba San

Yes yes, we’ve all heard ‘Okay’, and we all agree it is a brilliant track from Shiba San that took everyone aback last year. But we’re going to show you a side of Shiba San that most people overlook, a darker side. ‘I Like Your Booty’ is a dark track that encompasses a low bass-like voice over some reverbed percussion and a clap. Sounds simple enough, but we promise you the result will sound much different than what you just read.


The Junkies

The Junkies surely surprise with their music. With irregular notations and three-beat melodies, their track ‘Forever’ is a prime example. The Junkies are for the techno junkies that want to change up their playlist with something that would catch them off-guard, and then give them a feeling of satisfaction. The stretched vocals, the driving bass; this track features some interesting elements that are bound to spark some interest.

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