EDC is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a big way, by revealing some amazing new stage designs and a new main stage altogether!

About the new stage specs, their bassPOD stage will have better pyrotechnics, along with some water cannons too. NeonGARDEN will have a 50-foot (!!!) ceiling and a big, shiny disco ball to go along with it. WasteLAND will have a dystopian setting to cater to all its hardstyle fans, and circuitGROUNDS will feature a 360-degree setup, along with an increase in size from the previous edition.

The newest stage to join EDC is the much-awaited kineticFIELD. As described by Insomniac boss Pasquale Rotella, “[It’s] the biggest stage within EDC. It has largest production elements, it has the largest scenic elements. It’s 400 feet wide, it’s over 100 feet high. I’m hoping for the 20 Year Anniversary of EDC Las Vegas that we can blow your mind more than we ever have in the past. There’s an iconic piece that’s going to be in the middle of this stage that is using technology to the fullest. And it’s not going to be turned on right when you walk in. Later in the night, we’re gonna flip the switch. All I can say is prepare yourself.”

You’re going to have to wait and watch what EDC has in store for everyone this year!