The British singer’s lawyers have given a befitting response to allegations that he facsimiled X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s 2012 track Amazing in his 2015 hit ‘Photograph’.

Sheeran’s legal team declared, that the $20million lawsuit filed by musicians Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard making scandalous allegations, is too thorny as the 44-page lawsuit is repetitive and does not clearly state a specific argument against the singer. The lawsuit claims ‘Photograph’ is very identical to both compositions written by Harrington and Leonard as well as the version recorded by Cardle.

Since the suit names 11 defendants, including Snow Patrol star Johnny McDaid, Sheeran’s legal team want to have it discharged because lumping defendants together is not proper and each defendant should be entitled to defend themselves against distinct charges.

So far, Sheeran has not made a direct comment on the lawsuit. The same was filed against Ed in June 2016 for ‘copyright infringement’, stating that parts of Matt Cardle’s song appeared to have been used in Ed’s.

This video, putting the two songs side by side, was posted on YouTube before the lawsuit was filed.

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