It’s no secret that both Game Of Thrones and Ed Sheeran exist at the centers of our current realities. Now, in a stunning twist of fate that will grace us all, the universe has brought the two forces together!

Credit: Vanity Fair

Maisie Williams, the actress that plays the iconic character of Arya Stark on the globally-acclaimed TV show has been a diehard Busker for a long time. As a surprise to her, the showrunners had been trying to book the pop-star for a while now. During SXSW this year, they confirmed that the international pop-icon will be making a cameo appearance in the much-awaited next season of the show!

No further details were released, but in a recent interview, Sheeran did reveal that his cameo would involve him singing to the youngest of the Stark daughters. “I sing a song and then [Arya] goes, ‘Oh, that’s a nice song.’ And I go, ‘It’s a new one.'” He revealed.

The Seventh season of Game Of Thrones is set to come out on July 16, 2017. As if we needed another reason to wish July were here.