Before he became one of the best breakthrough singer/songwriters, Ed Sheeran was the king of covers.



1. Drunk in Love by Beyonce

An acoustic and more PG version of Drunk In Love by Beyonce, perfect for the kiddies to jam along to! We like your style Ed, it’s effortless.

Plus in this version, you can actually hear the lyrics to the song.



2. Real Slim Shady by Eminem and Smoke Weed Everyday by Snoop Dogg

This is exactly why the internet exists.



3. We Found Love By Rihanna

Sheeran transformed this club hit into something that actually sounds meaningful. You can’t help but listen to it over and over again.



4.  Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

100 per cent better than the original. Once you hear it , you’d most definitely pick Ed Sheeran’s acoustic version over Britney Spears’ nasal-y one.

This is how you turn an overplayed pop song, into gold.



5. I Knew Your Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

This is more a Ed Sheeran vs Taylor Swift scenario, than a cover. Sheeran does deliver on the vocals though, turning this catchy Swift tune into an even catchier acoustic ballad!



6. Chasing Cars By Snow Patrol

Sheeran once said Chasing Cars is one of the best songs every written and we can whole-heartedly agree to that. Here is his take on the soulful Snow Patrol anthem, which is probably not as good as the original but definitely up there in terms of covers we’ve heard.

Also, Sheeran once performed this cover with Gary Lightbody, the vocalist of Snow Patrol. How’d he pull that off?



7. Stay With Me by Sam Smith

2014 belonged to Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, with their original music staying at the top of the charts for months on end. It’s really nice that Sheeran did his own version of Stay With Me, bringing his unique sound to it.



8. Take Me To Church by Hozier

It’s hard to do a Hozier cover without looking like a damn fool. The man’s vocal prowess is pretty hard to beat , but somehow Sheeran in his happy-go-lucky and cheery way has made a more hopeful version of Take Me To Church. It really is something!


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