All over the world, festivals, both large and small, are growing conscious of their ecological footprint. This year Epizode also will focus on green credentials with the new eco-initiatives. By promoting environmental awareness we are doing as much as we can to minimize the harmful impact and to strengthen the idea of a community coming together to celebrate the environment while listening to good music.During the whole production and festival period, we claim to educate the team, local partners and the audience about the responsibility that one can take to prevent the collapse of the eco-system.Epizode will control what comes onsite and into our ecosystem, we choose to take action to limit plastic waste and positively influence the attitudes and behavior of our beloved guests. 
This check-list contains an essential points of improvement we achieved so far:
Plastic water bottles are no longer presented.We are very proud to announce a collaboration with beWater who will be supplying us with water in aluminum cans! beWater have committed to fully managing the entire life cycle of their cans, from distribution to collection & recycling to supporting crucial local causes. 
Plastic straws are replaced with eco-friendly wild grass straws from our local partner Zero Waste Saigon.
Tableware we use in foodcourt is now made from recycled sugarcane and decomposes in 45 days. It was provided by Ho Chi Minh based company Green Domino Eco Solutions.
Festival launches cup sharing system in the bars. You get the cup with a deposit of 1 token when buying your first drink at any bar and keep it with you. Cups can be exchanged for clean ones with the purchase of a new drink. Just ask the bar staff. Used cups can be returned and the deposit will be refunded. 
Separated waste collection approach will be represented on the Epizode festival. We provide three types of trash bins: for plastic, aluminum and mixed garbage with a transparent system of its further recycling.
We aim to keep the territory clean from any waste and cigarette butts are the most intrusive ones – merchandise shop offers affordable pocket ashtrays to be carried out with you.
Apart from pocket ashtrays our merchandise shop also offers a lot of eco-friendly items – among them are reusable water bottles, bamboo straws, bamboo cups and many more.
Educational focus is absolutely a must when you aim to reach out for contemporary minds: we deliver the ecological agenda through expert voices on lectures and trainings organized in the newly designed and comfortable recreational space called Whale Temple. 
In collaboration with Phu Quoc Clean & Green we organize two cleaning events to remove the waste from the beach. The first one is for the global Epizode team and local volunteers on the 15th of December. The second round will be held on the 3rd of January and invites all the guests to participate. 
Festival’s art crew is also motivated to organize their workflow in a green way: artists and decorators in the first priority consider reusable options on second hand market before buying new stuff or materials

beWater Waste Saigon Domino Eco Solutions Quoc Clean & Green

ART & FASHION AT EPIZODE:Epizode Festival joins CONCEPT MARKET this editiontoincrease its creative vibe by adding daily activities, lifestyle & beauty zone, interactive art exhibitions and designers market. CONCEPT MARKET is an International Art Fashion Community based in Moscow that organizes full experience art & fashion events and fashion shows of designers from around the world. A selection of 20 art fashion projects are going on the CONCEPT MARKET CRUISE 2020. The first stop is Asia / Epizode 4. Every day starting from December 27 through January 7, designers from all over the world will be presenting their eclectic collections made specially for the festival. Don’t rush to fill up your bags! Better leave some space for a few unique items to bring home.
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EPIZODE is a music and art festival held at Vietnam’s most picturesque island getaway, Phu Quoc. The 11-day long festival kicks off after Christmas and ploughs through the hustle and bustle of the New Year. Over the last three editions, the festival has successfully featured some of the biggest electronic music headliners including the likes of Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, [a:rpia:r], alongside some of the most prolific talents in Asia. In 2019, attendance rates doubled from previous years, with more than 10,000 people from 79 countries. In only three years, EPIZODE is already recognized as one of the most iconic electronic music festivals in Asia. It is also touted as one of the best NYE music getaways that gathers ravers, industry folks and avid travelers in a dreamy environment equipped with an unparalleled music selection, combined with next level production and in artistic setting. 
This year’s event will take place on a larger site with chill-out and daily activities zones, a food-court and market place. A significant effort is also put into the creation of a comfortable leisure area with yoga and sports, group meditation classes and healing sound sessions that will bring the mind and the body to balance.
The art-program remains a priority with more new installations and a full list of the artists and key projects to be announced soon. Add in a world class team who bring exceptional sound systems, lights and next level ideas in the field of stage and light design and you have a wonderfully high class and immersive experience in paradise. 
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