India will be a part of the world’s largest synchronized music & dance festival for peace!


‘World Peace’ just got a lot cooler! Earthdance is more than just a massive party. It is a flash forward to a peaceful future we all so vehemently wish for!

A global peace party held simultaneously over 600 locations in 60 countries, Earthdance takes place every year around the world at the same time. The annual celebration has been taking place since 1997. The mission is to acknowledge the fact that we are all connected by a community in spite of being separated by man-made borders.

The idea of this evolution toward a culture of peace was conceived by event producer/musician Chris Deckker, who had a vision to unite the entire planet through the universal language of music, dance and art. It was originally inspired by the global electronic music phenomenon, but not embodies a diverse selection of music genres.

The highlight of this synchronized event is the moment when the ‘Prayer for Music’ track is played each event across the globe at the same time. The various locations are in different time zones during this period, making it a moment of deep reflection, connection and a powerful affirmation.

Get a chance to meet a variety of people from tarot card readers, Reiki experts, spiritual healers and astrologists to caricature and graffiti artists and even chefs! Participate in fun-filled activities like Warli painting and river rafting. In addition to this, talented artists will be playing live music at the venue. Some of them include Silence Projekt, DJ Anckur, DJ Stetson, Frozen Chimes, Shiva’s Abode and Under Construction among many more.

To make sure you enjoy camping around the green and serene venue, tents will be available. You can even bring your own tents to the venue if you wish.

Join the world in a synchronized prayer for peace and dance for a purpose!

September 21 – 22: Island Club Resort, Khanivada Village, Virar East, Mumbai

Tickets: Rs. 1500

Here’s a taste of what’s known as the ‘planet’s largest party’: