Recently a huge story came to the forefront, and the entire gaming community was shocked. Hackers stole the source code for the massive, popular FIFA 21. The source code for FIFA holds a lot of value for the company, and hence the hackers demanded a huge ransom amount to EA.

The amount was 28 million dollars, to be exact, and if the ransom weren’t paid on time, the hackers would release the source code doing more damage to EA. The hackers stole the source code by getting their hands on online cookies of some of the staff members; how they got their hands in them isn’t clear yet.

fifa source code

This allowed them access to the sensitive information and code EA had kept. But EA didn’t budge even a bit and denied the ransom payment; the hackers threatened to release the source code, which may contain sensitive information of the playres that play the game, causing many FIFA players to worry. EA denied these allegations stating that the stolen Fifa 21 source code doesn’t have any sensitive information.

Regardless of that, this is a really embarrassing situation for EA; how come some hackers get access to their code. In the coming days, we’ll surely get more news about the events that transpired.

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