Dreading that you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet? Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you are looking for costume ideas, tips for dressing, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The Sherp has rounded up 10 great costume ideas from the world’s most famous artists. So without further ado, we present to you the musicians you can attempt to embody this Halloween season.

1. Marshmello

Credits: djpress.info

Trap artist Marshmello, exploded into the spotlight this year, and shows no intention of slowing down. Here’s what you need to be Marshmello.

1. Sharpie to draw on facial features

2. White garbage pail

3. White shirt and jeans

4. A handwritten list of the best YouTube videos of Tiesto making hand-hearts to a crowd of teens

2. Ozzy Osbourne

Credits: loudwire.com

Known as “the Prince of Darkness”, Ozzy Osbourne rose to fame fronting the metal band Black Sabbath. Here’s what you need to get the ‘Ozzy’ game on.

1. Long dark hair, if you don’t have rent a wig

2. Coloured sunglasses

3. Black clothing

4. Black finger nails

3. Skrillex

Credits: runthetrap.com

The man really needs no introduction. He is known for his sick drops and sicker haircut. Dress up like him and you will definitely be the centre of attention at any party.

1. A dirty checkered Vans shoe to kick up a fuss when somebody challenges your emo identity

2. Heavy metal band T-shirt covered in cat hair from the archives of Hot Topic.

3. Fake prescription glasses that are eight times the size of your face

4. Long fake wig hair

4. Bob Dylan

Credits: whitecinemacity.com

The musical genius, who recently won the Nobel Prize, is one of the most respected and idolised musicians in the world. You definitely want to be like him.

1. Cowboy hat

2. Fancy scarf

3. Biker leather jacket or a tailored blazer

4. Cowboy shoes

5. Cool Sunglasses

6. Mouth organ to keep in your mouth all the time


5. Wiz Khalifa

Credits: podsafeaudio.com

When it comes to Wiz’s style, it’s clear he favours a few pieces. Wiz blends pieces of the 80s, 90s and current street trends in an effortless, messy manner, never matching too much.

1. A cool orange or black cap

2. Converse sneakers

3. Camoshorts which should be way below your waist or else opt for a tight skinny jeans

4. Opt for a Hoodie or a crewneck sweatshirt

5. A long gold chain

6. Martin Garrix

Credits: celebmix.com

His clothing style is alternative, judging by his jacket, and taste for green colours. The 20-year old DJ, famous for World Music Award Best Song Nomination & Republic Records, will be a good choice if you have no facial hair.

1. Fake ID

2. Black scoop neck t-shirt from the Baby Gap or a leather jacket

3. Denim Jeans

4. A pair of cool black shoes

7. Prince

Credits: avtoinsider.com

He was known by many names; from the Purple One and Symbol to the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. But at the end of the day, he was a virtuoso rocker, songwriter, performer and a world class style icon. Here’s how you can pay a tribute to him.

1. Black ripped vest

2. Polka dot trouser

3. Black sunglasses or else apply black eyelashes

4. Cuban heels

8. Dubfire

Credits: beatport.com

The Iranian-American is an artist whose drive, talent and intuition have placed him within the top tier of electronic artists. He is constantly evolving, though his look is pretty legendary. So try it out.

1. Black cape

2. Loose-fitting black pants that will flow freely with the wind

3. Black and white Rick Owens sneakers that resemble gothic clown shoes

4. An iPhone 7+ to Instagram high quality photos of sushi and exotic seafood

9. Slash

Credits: mmusicmag.com

One of the most recognisable rock legend sports the most recognisable look of all time. It can make for a great Halloween costume this year. Don’t forget the curly locks.

1. Top hat has to be one of the core elements of Slash’s appearance with a headbanger wig

2. Black shades

3. A fake cigarette in your mouth all the time will make you look cool

4. Leather jacket with tight leather pants or else opt for a shirt with a denim

5. Black leather boots

10. Guy Gerber

Credits: beatmyday.com

This enigmatic DJ & Israeli producer will be a solid choice this season. Dress up like him & turn all the women nostalgic at any party.

1. A pack of Marlboro Lights

2. Yves Saint Laurent Chelsea boots

3. A magical white glove that has been blessed by David Blaine

4. Colourful feather braided into hair


Now go brace yourselves & prepare to go all out if you want to out-twerk the rest of the competition this Halloween!