A world of music, art and limitless discovery

Prepare yourself for another amazing journey into inspiring music, art and impressive immersive experiences. This is what’s in store at the 2024 edition of The Elements Music & Arts Festival designed by BangOnNYC!. The festival was born in 2017 and now it promises to be an explosive blend of electronic beats, mind-blowing installations and performances that are truly out of the box.

In 2022, the event moved from Pocono Raceway to its new home in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. The beautiful surroundings with picturesque landscapes make it perfect for a day adventure that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Elements Lakewood is not like any other festival; it’s a journey through a magical forest where sounds and visual arts intertwine to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends. Next year, the caravan meetup is expected to add ever more layers of excitement to the festival.

Embracing and preparing for the experience

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Prepare yourself for the Elements Music & Arts Festival with an extraordinary caravan experience. Road trip essentials should be planned, camping gear packed, and a playlist created for the journey. In order to increase the thrill, search for local attractions en route, identify some hidden treasures and take part in pre-festival events. Convert your festival journey into a multidimensional adventure that makes each minute as memorable as the festival itself.

The festival’s lineup speaks volumes

The lineup is the essence of any music festival and Elements Music & Arts Festival boasts a varied range of artists in different genres. In previous years there have been performances from stars such as Kaskade, Nicole Moudabar, Fisher, and Zeds Dead among many others. The 2024 edition will continue this tradition that offers a musical journey for all. Plus there are more surprises on the way. In fact, the announcements are expected to become even more thrilling, with more artists and launches in the pipeline. Expect many more highly immersive spaces, original artwork and installations as well as mind-blowing experiences that you will not forget easily. The hidden forests, beachfront parties and amazing surprises await those dedicated to taking this leap of faith.

Experience a unique and diverse range of sounds that you won’t find anywhere else. The Elements festival features 100 different acts across 10 stages, each representing a distinct vibe and energy. Immerse yourself in an enchanted forest, climb on structures created by talented artists, become entranced by an enigmatic performer, or simply take in the beauty of your surroundings.

Putting the art in participate

With the Elements Music & Arts Festival, the organizers are calling all music and art enthusiasts to join a community that is free of inhibitions and where there are no boundaries for creativity. Being on a waiting list for an event is your best bet at having an experience beyond your ordinary festival culminating into an enchanting world of sorcery and magic. So come dance with everyone, laugh along, and make memories that will last forever. Elements Lakewood 2024 is calling, and the pure bliss of creativity awaits.