Don Diablo & A R I Z O N A’s new collab, Take Her Place, is the kind of song you will be listening on loop!

Striking a perfect fusion of dance/electro and indie, Don Diablo and A R I Z O N A’s latest collaboration, Take Her Place, is now out on sale and is available for streaming. Don, during the Amsterdam Music Festival last weekend, took the audience by surprise as he invited lead vocalist Zac to perform the song live. And it is since then that the fans were waiting for the song to release.

Talking about the collaboration, Don said, “Been following A R I Z O N A from their debut album and have been a huge fan since then. They’re not only amazing musicians but also amazing people which makes this collab extra exciting for me. We premiered our song last weekend in an Arena in front of 40K people and the first reactions have been incredible. Take Her Place is the second single of my upcoming album and it’s the perfect marriage between my trademark production style and the bands signature sound.

A R I Z O N A said, “All chances to collaborate for us have been great experiences, and yet Take Her Place has been truly special. It’s a fun song, and it’s been fun to make; especially while we’re at the beginning of working on our own second album now. It has made friends out of many good people. From sharing in the writing process with such a genuine guy and natural collaborator like Scott Harris, to having Don Diablo’s production give such an energetic feel to the record, we couldn’t have asked for a cooler outcome. Debuting the record at a performance this past week in Amsterdam with Don in front of tens of thousands of people was, for a band who currently plays in front of a fraction of that, an electrifying look into how gratifying giving something you love away to people who give the love right back to you can be. This is what getting together and creating is about, in every aspect. It’s so much less about a song sometimes; and more about having fun with friends and bringing dreams to life.”

To buy or stream Don Diablo and A R I Z O N A‘s latest collab, Take Her Place, click here. Also. if you wish to check out details about Don’s other song releases, you can visit his Facebook page here.

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