Cannabis culture is steeped in folklore and some of it is worth knowing. We all know that the weed community is a tight knit one, but what about the jargon that comes with being an avid weed smoker? Even the most casual weed user will have heard the terms ‘420’ and ‘420 friendly’. But what does it mean, and where did it come from? Then there’s a newer and equally intriguing phrase in ’710 friendly’ which has come into general use. Let’s look at how these terms came about and what they mean.

What does 420 Friendly Mean?

There are many stories about how 420 became a slang or code term for smoking weed. Some say it came from a song by famous marijuana user Bob Dylan. Others that it was the original police code for possession of weed. Both these are wrong, and the real origin is rather more curious.

Back in 1971 a group of Californian teens heard a legend about a local abandoned cannabis plant. The story goes that they met each day at 4.20pm to search for this elusive plant which was never found. This bunch of weed lovers used the term ‘420’ to talk about weed among themselves. One, it is claimed, was a friend of a member of The Grateful Dead and mentioned the term to him. They took it and made it famous.

420 Friendly means you are happy around people using weed and do so yourself. Notably, April 20th – 4/20 – has become a traditional day of celebrating cannabis and all to do with it in the weed community. 420 is even used to identify as a weed lover on dating sites! If you want to vape your weed we recommend you check here for vape batteries with 510 thread used for cannabis cartridges.

What is 710 Friendly All About?

710 is a phrase that may not be known to the casual weed user and is more likely to be familiar with someone who favours vaping with a dab pen. Dabs means wax concentrates or – as was originally the case – oil concentrate. It’s becoming one of the most popular methods of enjoying cannabis as it is simple, clean, and gives a powerful result.

Where did the term 710 come from? Well, as with 420, there are various legends, but two are the most likely. Look at a car oil cap and it will read ‘OIL.’ Now flip that over and you get ’710.’ Dabs were oil-based originally, remember, so this one holds water. Another theory is that the entrepreneur and celebrity Taskrok first used it in an Instagram post, and it took off from there. Nowadays, being 710 Friendly is taken to mean that you enjoy your cannabis in dabs and perhaps other ways, rather than referring to dry herbs as 420 indicates.

That the cannabis industry is among the fastest growing in the world right now means that such phrases are becoming more mainstream, and this is surely going to continue.

Why Vape Rather than Smoke?

So, we’ve learnt that 420 refers to someone who is usually lighting up a joint in the traditional manner, while 710 is a fan of dabbing or other methods of enjoying marijuana. What we do know is that the popularity of vaping cannabis – as well as CBD and other products – is on the rise, and as there is no combustion involved there is no risk of the dangerous substances that come with smoking. So, we hope we’ve helped clear up any confusion, and whether you are 420 or 710 friendly, make sure you let people know!