“Fuck every person here that doesn’t love Bieber,” says DJ at Meredith Music Festival.

Meredith Music Festival, held in the town of Meredith in Victoria, is known for its alternative and indie music. However, at this year’s edition, DJ Levins, a DJ from Sydney, played a mix of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. And even took the mic at some point to say, “Fuck every person here that doesn’t love Bieber.”

Needless to mention, Levins recieved massive hate for this remark, and playing the song at the festival in the first place. (Despite the fact that you can hear the crowd singing along to it in the video below.)

A proud moment that I will share with all future generations

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DJ Levins has responded to the hate, saying, “I think you guys care, but I don’t care for Bieber [sic].” This seems like a confusing statement for a DJ who risked his reputation with a remark about Bieber, and shared this on his Instagram. Stay tuned to Festival Sherpa for more news.