So, you are in the pretty little country of Belgium to take part in Tomorrowland madness. Why not check out the most happening places in and around Belgium to just make the trip all the more better? We take a look at some of the best places you could visit.

1. The Belgian Comic Strip Center 

A dedication to the creative and crazy minds of cartoons, this attraction located in the heart of Brussels has been honouring creators and heroes of the age-old art of cartoons and comics since 25 years. Be ready to be greeted with famous strips of Tintin and The Smurfs. The center has been known to preserve some of the most earliest works in comic history. The have guided tours as well as a huge reading room for everyone who goes crazy about their comics. This place is perfect for anyone looking to unleash their inner child!

2. Make your own chocolate at Zaabar

It would be a sin to go to Belgium and not indulge in one of the most famous chocolate producers of the world. At Zaabar you can get your hands dirty and your mouth full by taking part in their different classes of making your own chocolate. That’s like a dream come true for any one with an incredibly huge sweet tooth!

3. The LGBT area of Brussels 
The LGBT and gay area of Brussels is situated in the downtown quarter of Ru de Marche au Charbon. The place comes alive during the weekends and evenings. People flock to the city center to drink and party like there’s no tomorrow. There are people of all ages who come together to create the most festive atmosphere. Make sure you visit and get drunk and possibly make a couple of friends!

The Atomium was a building originally constructed in 1958 for Brussels World Fair. Built by engineer Andre Waterkeyn, it resembles the unit cell of an iron crystal. It’s an interesting piece of architecture for anyone who is interested in out-of-the-box designs. The sheer magnitude and size of the monument is sure to make jaws drop every single time. And it is a beauty to behold at night! 

5. Grab a Belgian Beer! Duh! 

You would be a certified idiot if you were in Belgium and didn’t try the world famous brewed beers of the country. There are hundreds of beer bars scattered all over the place and you pick any one you want. Chances are you’ll be blown away by the quality of every single beer that they home-brew. If you’re in the mood for something different, make a short trip to Spirit of Wallonia to take part in a beer-tasting session. Nothing like beer, eh?

6. Grab some Waffles and Frites! 

Everyone knows about the world famous Belgian waffles and their Frites aka fries to the whole world. The streets are lined up with cute little cafes all over. You can just grab a seat by any of the cafes and sit down and enjoy a nice brunch with some crisp waffles and some well-seasoned frites! Belgium is literally the haven for any foodie to gorge like crazy!

7. Be a part of Belgium’s crazy nightlife! 

It’s no wonder that the city of Belgium which is 24×7 in a festive mood, comes alive at night. There is something to do for everyone. Check out the Place Saint Boneface if you’re looking to spend some quality time and eat some quality food. The street has a lot of small shops for people to buy stuff from as well as tourists wandering around. If you have a more party-minded mood for the night, events like Piknik Electronik and clubs legendary clubs like The Fuse offer some great electro options for someone who wants to dance the night away!

The beauty of Belgium is the fact that the beauty of the city lies in the most smallest corners and narrowest streets. The best way to explore the city is to go on foot, make some friends, immerse yourself in the culture and the liveliness of the cities! There are tons of activities for everyone to be a part of and needless to say given the hype Tomorrowland creates each year, the city is going to filled with tourists.

Make the most of your trip to Belgium!