Your wait for good music this week ends now!

Dirty Audio, whose remix for DJ Snake and Yellow Claw’s “Ocho Cinco” was released earlier on Interscope, has released his brand new single “Roller Coaster” featuring Max Styler on one of the leading independent brands – Monstercat. This independent label is known for its eclectic dubstep and electronic music productions.

“Roller Coaster” is a follow-up single to the previous trap bomb “Gorilla Glue”, another song by Dirty Audio which was released back in September 2016.

The track functions much like its namesake, and begins with a relaxed bassline that builds intensely within the next one minute, finally crashing into an upbeat futuristic break that gets you high.

Dirty Audio met his collaborator Max Styler at Tomorrowland in Belgium last year and connected instantly, later deciding to collaborate as they were both from California.

This coffee and hip-hop enthusiast’s next work will be a remix for Afrojack, a collab with Bro Safari and a tour in Australia and New Zealand. Who would have thought that the talented musician actually failed his music class in high school! Well, the teacher who failed him ended up going to one of his shows anyway.

Let’s hope we get to see another collaboration soon while we enjoy “Roller Coaster”. What a wonderful way to start the year!