This year is already looking like the best year for music in India.

Yes yes, we all remember Mark Knopfler’s famous India tour in 2005. Well, this time it looks like the band’s saxophonist, Chris White, and drummer Chris Whitten will be making their debut. They will be supported in the lead by Terence Reis (Lead Vocals and Guitar), who will take over Mark Knopfler’s duties (sorry guys, he won’t be there).

The band that consists of few original members along with new artists, will perform in Delhi on 17th March and Bengaluru on 19th March at the Seagram 100 Pipers’ ‘Play For A Cause’. This concert has been arranged to help provide sustainable drinking water to villagers in Rajasthan.

A part of the ticket proceeds from both concerts will help in constructing structures that aid in water conservation in certain targeted areas which will help six to seven villages in Rajasthan and directly impact beneficiaries in these villages to provide better quality of water for drinking, sanitation, irrigation and livestock. For this, 100 Pipers ‘Play for a Cause’ has partnered with Advit Foundation, an NGO working towards Environmental Resource Conservation and Livelihood Enhancement. Check out last year’s video:

Chris White said, “India has always been on our list and we are very excited to play in India. Our two city tour in India, in Gurgaon and Bangalore, is to support the 100 Pipers ‘Play for a Cause’ initiative to provide water to villages in Rajasthan. The power of music is incredible and it brings together people across nations and cultures. We are happy to become a part of this great event which is bringing music and artists together to make a difference to society.”

The tickets are not out yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop over the same.

You can start practicing all the hit songs so you can sing out loud. It’s surely going to be an experience of a lifetime. Dare you miss out on it!