The Queen of House is bringing her amazing sounds to India for a mad 2 city tour.


The rumor mills have finally churned out one hell of an announcement – the queen of house music DINKA is coming to India. This Swiss born and bred musical genius has been spreading her wings of awesomeness far and wide, capturing the attention of ‘uplift house’ and ‘progressive’ enthusiasts the world over.

Her sound is a unique mix of a very ‘Enigma’ish soundspace with the ambient feel of classical music, wrapped around some banging electronic beats. Taken by house music early on, this Swiss pioneer has fellow producers from Lucerne to Los Angeles amazed, befriending music on all levels with her ear of knowledge. Every time one of her tracks hit the airwaves, ‘uplifting progressive house’ fans are treated to a golden pot of happiness and future-ready tunes.


This house music phenomenon is going to be playing in India at the following dates:

Friday 21st June- Dublin, Chennai

Saturday 22nd June- Kitty Su, Delhi


So put your dancing shoes on and get ready to go crazy.