A brand new property called ‘DimensionRED’ is set to rattle the Indian clubbing scene.

Hakkasan Nightclub Las Vegas

Delhi & Mumbai, prepare yourselves. Are you tired of the simple clubbing routine wherein you just land up at a dimly lit space with lights flashing in your eyes and all you land up doing is hustling for space? Partying has evolved over the years and the focus has shifted from the music to the experience. Don’t you long to leave a night club with memories that you can savor over time, rather than just sideline it as just another hazy, drunk night?

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DimensionRED is here to change all that.  Across the country today, the electronic dance music revolution has gathered tremendous momentum and we see no signs of it stopping. With the growth of this phenomenon, DimensionRED sees a massive opportunity in experiential engagement in the night-life space.

The DimensionRED nights is a new experiential night club music property set to take your clubbing experience to a whole new Dimension. This series of unforgettable events contribute to a first – of – its – kind music property, paying ode to cutting edge electronic dance music, hinging on high production value and never seen before production elements in a club.

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Set to unleash it’s charm over a number of glorious nights, DimensionRED will feature some of the finest international and local talent.

So, stay tuned to this space to know more about these nights that will shake up the indoor clubbing space across India.

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