The famous San Manuel Amphitheater, home to Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland, might now no longer have these festivals and any other ‘rave-style’ parties May 24 onwards, thanks to a ruling by San Bernandino county supervisor Janice Rutherford. 

Residents from Devore and Crestline have complained of excessive noise and vibrating windows because of events happening at the venue, and the fact that these events draw a lot of traffic causing pollution.



The residents are also scared of the rampant use and exchange of drugs and harmful substances at such festivals, causing things like death and display of public indecency.

The decision is going to be put to a vote on the 24th of May, and if made, will affect the venue’s relationship with two major event companies: Live Nation and Insomniac Events, and several other smaller event companies.