Here’s your chance to feel fancy AF, with some of the best signature cocktails from the funkiest bars in town at Delhi Cocktail Week.

Delhi Cocktail Week is happening between December 12-19, and with a 400 INR wristband, you get to pub crawl all day, appreciate the art of mixology, and of course, get super drunk. This pub crawl will take place across four venues, where a complimentary drink (cocktails or a mug of beer) with snacks awaits you in first three and a complimentary shot with Red Bull in the last, which will be a club. There are taxi services provided, and even water and juices to keep you hydrated! This deal could not get better.


If you want to grasp the art of mixing drinks, you could try the Mixology Masterclass the festival offers. For those who are already experts, “The Most Innovative Bartender Competition” is where you can show off your mixology talents. There will be some amazing beers, whiskey cocktails, and it might even be a great place to meet someone new!