The Sherp uncovers everything about DreamVille – Tomorrowland’s ultimate festival camping experience!


Since its inception, DreamVille has been claiming a larger part of the TomorrowLand experience with each passing year. DreamVille is a lot more than just festival camping – what started out as camping for 1,500 visitors has now metamorphosed into a vibrant city with 35,000 exuberant people! Apart from a magnificent camping experience, DreamVille has some unique elements like a marketplace with multiple shops that range from a tea house to a fresh bakery, several community centers, wonderful activations and even their very own massive open-air ‘warm up party’ called ‘The Gathering’ with more than 20,000 attendees!

The goal is to keep you immersed in the same breathtaking atmosphere that characterizes Tomorrowland for the entire duration of your stay. The overall experience and splendid ambience contributes to the extraordinary summer experience. You’re invited to unite and share adventurous encounters with fellow DreamVillers while you recharge your batteries for more madness!

DreamVille will also be TomorrowWorld’s next door neighbor located at Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia this September.


DreamVille Camping

After a tiresome but wonderfully gratifying festival day, DreamVille is that warm welcome, a pristine sanctuary of sorts that lets you revamp your body and recharge your spirits. The plush green surroundings make it all the more magical. You can now choose from a selection of tents, relax rooms and even mansions! DreamVille’s outstanding quality and hospitable service make sure you have a divine experience during your stay at Tomorrowland.

1. DreamVille Regular is the bestseller and well-known formula that grants you access to the DreamVille camp site. You bring your own camping gear and pick your own spot to pitch your own tent! Sanitary facilities are provided. You can stay with other people and be part of a vibrant tent camping community!

2. EasyTent is a package for a smaller group of people. It provides you with a wooden floor underneath and a small terrace. Also, each person is given a camping chair to relax and soak in the morning sun after a revitalizing night at DreamVille. To make sure your belongings stay safe with you, you will receive a key to your personal locker. And if you’re nomophobic, don’t sweat! Your tent is connected to a power grid so you can charge your phone whenever you want!

3. Group Camping is for larger group of friends who wish to enjoy a unique and relaxed camping experience. It’s even cozier as you can camp with your friends right next to one another. Not only do you receive a dedicated spot in a reserved camping area, but your group will also be given a private shelter so you can gather and share your experiences! Your reserved site will be there for you and everyone else in your group whenever you arrive.

4. Relax Rooms is for those who enjoy the comfort of a room but don’t want to miss out on the vibrant nightlife of the Tomorrowland experience. The personal lockable rooms include two fully-equipped beds, interior lighting, a personal power outlet as well as a clothing rack. You’re also given access to the cozy relax zone with individual sanitary facilities, upgraded catering along with a Jacuzzi area! To add to it, you’re also given a free parking space.

5. The Mansion offers an unprecedented level of festival luxury and pleasure. It is a transcendental experience with a maximum capacity of 12 people. It’s located in the countryside where you will be surrounded by nature and within walking distance of the festival site. You’re greeted with a glass of bubbly on your arrival. The Mansion consists of a fully equipped bed, a mini kitchen with a filled fridge and an espresso machine, your own sanitary unit and also a stunning private loungeand terrace where you can chill out after the festival. Additional pampering such as a Jacuzzi, butler service and cleaning service are available at extra cost.

There is also a specially provided camping space at DreamVille for people with disability.


DreamVille Radio – Live radio made at DreamVille!

DreamVille together with Studio Brussel hosts a live radio station since 2011. To find out about DreamVille, traffic to and from the festival, regular updates about what’s happening on DreamVille, artist interviews, contests and a host of other fun facts and figures, people can tune in at 87.6 FM. You can also hear the best beats of Tomorrowland’s DJs and the live sets from the festival. You can tune in at DreamVille Radio when you’re around 6 kilometers from Tomorrowland or when you’re at DreamVille.


Dreamville Airport Shuttles

Drop your luggage in the trunk, sit back and relax while the DreamVille Airport Shuttle takes you to your destination – Tomorrowland! The shuttle also takes you back to the airport after the festival is concluded. The permanent shuttle service runs from Boom to Brussels Airport and to Brussels South Charleroi Airport.


Dreamville is like coming home to your favorite festival city. Here’s a video of how the campers are awakened in the morning at DreamVille:

Here’s the DreamVille US Pre-Movie: