David Guetta’s next hit will include rap royalty!

The French DJ just spilled the beans on some exciting news! Recently, the star sat down for an interview with Facebook live stream and fan Q&A with Final Kid, the filmmaker behind Ultra Music Festival’s after-movies.

Having a friendly camaraderie with Final Kid, owing to their co-creation of the documentary ‘This One’s For You – The Film’, Guetta opened up about interesting prospects in the future and much much more. The two embarked on a fascinating conversation about everything, from sports and film-making to the current state of the dance music scene in the world. They even discussed Guetta’s own upcoming compositions and musical plans for the future. In the midst of this conversation, the French DJ and record producer let out a very key detail about the future slip.

Turns out, rap and electronic music fans are in for a special surprise! The star has almost finished polishing his seventh album in which his next single will feature two major music stars! These artists are none other than queen of rap, Nicki Minaj and all-time hip-hop star Lil Wayne.

Credits: aceshowbiz.com

“We have a good combination with Nicki,” Guetta says, “Every time we make records they are incredible and very successful. I think she is very, very special, and we work really good together, so it’s exciting. Plus we have Lil Wayne on top of that. It’s pretty big.” No release date has been given for this guaranteed hit. However, Guetta does mention “it has to be finished by the end of the week”.

Check out the full interview below: