He made the trip and made global history in India as well.

The French DJ and record producer, also known as the “Godfather of EDM”, faced some difficulties during his India tour this time around, but all’s well that ends well!

After the cancellation of the Bengaluru concert due to recent security issues that went down in the city, David Guetta’s Sunburn Arena gig in Mumbai had also been cancelled, but Sunburn did manage to reschedule it and the gig took place on 15th Jan without any hiccups. What’s striking is that David Guetta had to play in Delhi the same night, and boy, did he manage that! The organisers of the tour, Percept Live, also ensured a glitch-free global experience.

Credits: Monish Bhatt

The DJ performed at the Sunburn Arena Tour at Hitex Exhibition Center in Hyderabad on 14th January and played two shows on the 15th at Jio Gardens, Mumbai and Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi! Accompanying him were Indian favourites Anish Sood in Hyderabad; The Unknown, Anish Sood, Nina & Malika and Zaeden in Mumbai and Anish Sood and Arsh in New Delhi!

Concert-goers thronged the venues as the DJ rocked the dance floor with his aesthetic, head-banging electro-pop beats. The crowd had more than just confetti pouring upon them, as Guetta effortlessly hypnotized everyone into singing along to the famous lines of tracks such as “Hey Mama”, “Titanium”, “Starboy”, “Lovers On The Sun”, etc. A magnificent show of laser webs and engaging retro visuals accompanied the music along with a perpetual smile on David’s face. Everybody had their hands up in the air for sure.

We have to say that a world-renowned artist like David Guetta showed much love to his fans in India after gracefully accommodating to all the changes in schedule. He did not disappoint his fans and that says a lot!

Here’s what he had to say, “It’s takes a price to party. It has been such a beautiful journey and I am grateful that Sunburn has finally made the impossible possible. A big thank you to my fans for their constant support as I could have never done all of this without you. Thank you so much India, I love you and I will return soon.”

Karan Singh, CEO of Sunburn states, “We have created global history today by achieving something that we have never done in our 10 year history of the brand. We would like to thank the authorities, the artists, all our partners and most importantly the fans for their incredible love and dedicated support. We lived up to our commitment of delivering two shows on a single day and not upsetting our fans. 2017 will be the biggest year for Sunburn.

David Guetta also said that making the tour possible in Mumbai “was worth it” after saying “I hope it was worth it for you”. He was all smiles while playing for the frenzied crowd who, in return, loved it all. It is, indeed, wonderful to see the celebrated DJ act so humble and appreciative! We cannot wait for his future visits to India!